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CBD吃了没感觉?4种常见的CBD精油 | 他们的差异决定感受

官方网店 很多粉丝私信我,问我CBD吃完没有感觉。我这里统一做一个科普给大家。 CBD本身吃完应该是不会给人带来感受的。因为CBD是不会影响神经的物质。 目前在市面上比较流行的CBD精油精华液有4种: 1: Full Spectrum Oil, 全谱CBD精油 2: Board Spectrum Oil,广谱CBD精油 3: T-free Oil, 不含THC精油 4: Pure CBD Oil, 纯CBD精油 每个人的情况都不一样,看看哪一款才适合自己。 View original

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Organic CBD Products
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CBDPure Review

While this brand may not be quite as eye-catching as some other CBD brands, CBD Pure has been around since the beginning of the industry,

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MOVIDA Community Code

MOVIDA Community Code: This video discusses our Community Code. Who we are and what we stand for. MOVIDA Are Producers of the finest CBD & Superfoods for People and Pets. Get 20% OFF Your 1st Purchase Use Code: MOV20 Site: Store: MOVIDA Community Code I am a BioHacker! I choose to Achieve Vibrant…

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CBD OffTopick # 15: The Dota Community

===== Episode #15 ===== This episode of OffTopic features a talk on the Dota 2 Community by Smoyf and CulBlu =============================== Smoyf’s Info Youtube: Twitch: =============================== View original source video by clicking here

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