Easy Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

It may seem silly to do a video about a smoothie, however… I couldn’t possibly make a full series dedicated to easy vegan meals and NOT include a smoothie! If you’re looking for an easy way to include more whole foods and raw plants into your diet… look no further. Happy blending, plant people! Link…

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Cannabis and Obesity –

By #StickySaguaro | May 11, 2020 | home items Cannabis and Obesity Obesity is a medical term used to describe someone whose body fat significantly exceeds the healthy

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Merch: E-nail: For the people interested, here’s the link to download Robinhood for a free stock! MEMBERS: This video is intended

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Opening Up About Our Mental Health

We’re not experts in mental health, but as musicians who have experienced mental health issues, we hope by making this video, we can help encourage people to talk about this topic more openly, and remove the social stigma associated with mental illnesses. If you’re struggling with anything we mentioned, please reach out to friends or…

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Organic CBD Products
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The Truth About JNJ, Pfizer, and Moderna Boosters-Do We Really

Today Dr. V discusses the results from the different boosters from JNJ, Pfizer, and Moderna. Dr. Duc Vuong, retired bariatric surgeon, gives you the latest daily updates on COVID-19 and the coronavirus SARS COV-2. These daily covid updates are provided ad free for the first 3 days, as information is constantly changing. To join his…

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CBD for sports recovery

CBD for sports recovery works! Want to know how to enhance human performance as a professional athlete or just interested to get back into fitness and find ways to support you? Then check out this video and discover what professional athletes do to train harder & recover quicker. International Prokick champion & kickboxer Johnny Smith…

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