IMPOSTOR TRAINING (Among Us Animation)

Yes Support the series! •Twitter:​​ •Instagram:…​ Music: •Meta knight revenge Theme •Fist of the North Star Theme •Guile Theme Thank you for watching! View original source video by clicking here

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How to calculate THC-A as Opposed to THC in Edibles

A viewer is confused about how to calculate the strength of her homemade edibles when the label gives percentages for both THC-A and THC. I clear up the confusion, and by the way, it also works for CBD-A versus CBD! To calculate the strength of your infusions or your edibles, as well as learn how…

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Organic CBD Products
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CBD helps teen with rare disease eat and thrive

A 15-year-old with a rare stomach disease started using medical marijuana a year ago. He’s had great results and now he is working with a lawmaker to make it so students can access it in school like any other medicine. View original source video by clicking here

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