3 Healthy Salads to Eat Better

3 Summer SALADS to Eat Healthier | Healthy Salad Recipes ORDER My New COOKBOOK! SUBSCRIBE: STORE: Blog: Instagram: Twitter: Business inquires: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2786 Toluca Lake, CA 91602 Antipasti Salad Lettuce Mix Salami Shaved Parmesan Feta Cherry Tomatoes Cucumber Pine Nuts Salad Dressing: 3 tablespoons red…

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Can Dabs Go Bad?

Can dabs go bad? Not in the traditional sense. Here's everything you need to know about how concentrates age and how to prevent them from

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Procedure explained for damaged Face

Join this channel: ======== Healthy Diet Video: ======== FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Twitter: ======== Kindly subscribe My New Vlogging Channel: ======== 1. HOW TO REMOVE PIGMENTATION: 2. SUPPLEMENTS FOR PIGMENTATION: 3. FULL DAY DIET FOR HEALTHY SKIN: 4. PIGMENTATION VIDEO IN ENGLISH: 5. PIMPLES & ALL…

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National Wellness Week: Focus on Spiritual Wellness!

(Visual Only) SAMHSA’s 2018 National Wellness Week wraps up with a focus on Spiritual Wellness on September 22. The 8-part video series from the Program to Achieve Wellness can be used yearlong to promote wellness for individuals with serious mental illness! Learn more at View original source video by clicking here

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The Mindset for Healthy Eating | Gillian Riley

In order to eat less, most think prohibitively: “I’m allowed these, but not those” or “I mustn’t eat any more.” This can create a disastrous relationship with food; perhaps complying initially, only to rebel later. Instead of obeying rules, what works is a strong sense of freedom… then making choices. Gillian Riley is an author…

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