Weed Wordsearch

Today’s Weed Wordsearch is all about cannabis terpenes! Fire up a doobie and have some fun while learning the names of cannabis terpenes. Read more

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What Is Cannabis Shake?

With so many different products at dispensaries it’s hard to keep track of what is what. Shake is just one of those products. And one of the cheapest options in a dispensary. This video tells you what you need to know before deciding if this is a good product for you to choose at your…

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18+ content -CHEEF BOTANICALS: – Contact for business inquiries! -INSTAGRAM: -TWITTER: -THE WEEDTUBE: View original source video by clicking here

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How to promote healthy eating in your early childhood service

Simple ways that early childcare and education services can promote healthy eating. For more information visit (Transcript below) TRANSCRIPT: Eating habits are instilled from a young age, and often these habits are carried through to adulthood. Children who learn to eat well can develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle, which has many benefits such…

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How to Wash Your Organic Produce (The Right Way): J-Wro

Follow J-Wro on these sites (scroll down for more info on this video): — Subscribe to my videos: — Website: — Superfoods: — Blender:«472582 » — Twitter: — Facebook: — Google Plus: — Tumblr: — Pinterest: — Instagram: — In this hilarious, informative and entertaining…

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Organic CBD Products
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The Mindset for Healthy Eating | Gillian Riley

In order to eat less, most think prohibitively: “I’m allowed these, but not those” or “I mustn’t eat any more.” This can create a disastrous relationship with food; perhaps complying initially, only to rebel later. Instead of obeying rules, what works is a strong sense of freedom… then making choices. Gillian Riley is an author…

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Cannabis Instead is the premier lifestyle, investing, and healthy-living resource for lovers and supporters of cannabis. Whether you know the marijuana world like the back of your hand, or you’re curious about what THC, CBD, Cannabis, Marijuana, and all things in between are, we have the info to clue you in. Read more and explore!

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