9 CBD Benefits

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9 CBD Benefits. Can CBD lower blood pressure? Welcome to CBD 101. You will learn about CBD and high blood pressure as well as, how CBD works overall, where you begin to experience an entire internal make over!

9 CBD BENEFITS include:
1. Anti-anxiety – CBD for anxiety? Anxiety out of no where is no fun. (Anxiety or panic attack).
2. Anti-depressant – relieves depression or sadness.
3. Anti-inflammatory -is inflammation painful? It sure is! CBD helps to decrease inflammation.
4. Relieves pain – CBD helps to relieve all pain.
5. Neuroprotective –
6. Causes vasorelaxation – headache not going away? CBD relaxes the blood vessel walls.
7. Reduces Tumoral Angiogenic Process – starves the tumor of blood supply, restricting growth.
8. Reduces Cancer Cell Growth
9. Antioxident

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“My mission is to Encourage you to take your life back by overcoming your self doubt and low self esteem so you can confidentially live the lifestyle that you deserve!”

Latifah Spain is a professional from the beauty industry for 25 years who transitioned over to the Health and Wellness industry. She has a passion for helping Women to recognize their worth. She is a mentor and a coach and enjoys helping people get in touch with themselves inside and out.

Each week Latifah releases a new video on health a wellness.

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