Baking soda hack: organic pesticide for plants

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Baking soda hack: organic pesticide for plants / organic pe. You can make baking soda as organic pesticide for your plants. It non-toxic and super cheap. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate that used for cooking purpose. But we can hack baking soda for make universal organic pesticide for our plants in our garden. Method how to make organic pesticide from baking soda for our plants at home is very easy and simple and we call it homemade insect repellent too.

We just use 4 ingredients that make this natural and powerful organic pesticide such as of course baking soda, neem oil, dishwashing liquid, and water. If you don’t have neem oil at home you can use any types of vegetables oils like olive oil, canola oil, palm coconut oil etc….etc. The purpose of using dishwashing liquid is to break neem oil molecule so it can easy to mix in the water.

This organic pesticide is powerful to control insect like aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, snails, slugs and cabbage worms and also fungus like powdery mildew and black spots in roses. It save to use insecticide spray baking soda from our home. You can spray insecticide baking soda in early morning or late evening to avoid burning the leaves.

Don’t confuse about baking powder and washing soda. It totally difference that baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, washing soda is sodium carbonate while baking powder is content only 30% of baking soda with mix others ingredients. So don’t waste your time to use these stuff for making pesticide.

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