Big meep + Rosie Baddie #baddiebites “MEET & GREET” pickup

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As a Foodie & a Baddie im obsessed w/ all things YUM!!
Im previewing my new “BADDIE-BITES” Edibles line!!! *
️Rosie Baddie 3X NYC️ |
“BADDIE-BITES” Edibles are Homemade Snacks/ food/Drinks infused with cannabinoids. Marijuana edibles can be brownies, cookies , pasta, and more. Any recipe that calls for butter or oil can be readily infused with cannabis. Edible cannabinoids are processed differently than inhaled cannabinoids. When weed is ingested, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the stomach and liver, which increases potency and delays the onset of effects. This process also lengthens the intoxicating effects, sometimes causing them to last from four to six hours. #tha420sirens #rosiebaddie3xnyc #BaddieBitesnyc #BaddieVision

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