Cannabis Hemp Harvesting for CBD Flower 2020

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In this episode we dive into our 2020 hemp harvesting for CBD flower. In this video we cover, trophy cutting flower, pre trimming flower, and hanging for the initial dry before curing our flower. We are using the Govee humidity/ temperature to monitor the flower in the drying area to ensure the proper parameters are met.

This Video is NOT sponsored. If you purchase the amazon links below I do receive a small commission. Thanks Guys!

Below is a recommendations list to our grow essentials:
Amazon Affiliate Links Below
Green Cleaner / Plants Spray Insecticide
Reotemp thermometer Compost Thermometer
Lady Bugs/ Predatory Bugs
Bokashi Inoculant (Dry Amendment) for Happy Roots
Root Organics 707 Soil
Nematodes/ Soil Predators (Good Guys)
Great White (Soil Amendment for Healthy Roots)
Kelp (Plant Feed)
Uncle Jims Red Wigglers (Root/Soil Helpers)
Recommended Scissors
PH Meter
Govee humidity/thermostat gauge WIFI
Green Pad JR CO2 Generator

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Music Listed from Sound Stripe

Audio Video Equipment
Sony A6400
Tameron Lens 17-28mm
Sigma 16mm Emount Lens 1.4F
DJI Ronin Gimbal
Mactrem Camera Tripod
Polar Pro Variable ND Filter (Peter McKinnon Edition)
Comica XD-D2 Wireless Mic and Reciever
MEKE Macro Lens Extender
Samsung SSD Storage 1TB
Takstar Shotgun Mic
Lighting Port Hub

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