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Brian Lane a Partner at NOWAVE, a cannabinoid processing company based in Rochester, NY, which sells under brands like Bad Days, which can be found at www.ilovebaddays.com. Unlike many in the hemp industries, Brian has a realistic take on how the Hemp Industries have formed thus far, and what is need for them to grow into the future.

The host of WhatCannaRadio, Aidan Woishnis, and Brian discuss how the Cannabis plant (Hemp and Marijuana) need to be removed from its own special box, and treated like any other plant or chemical when it comes to regulation. If we want the plant to get the same sort of support and infrastructure as other crops and industries, then we need things bodies like the Health Department to take charge of the chemicals produced by the Cannabis plant. Or practices, like taking the burden off the farmers, and instead give the processors license to deal with things like THC, being able to sell it to the Marijuana world, or put it into their own products.

Brian is very knowledgeable about the cannabinoid industry and has much to share with us all. Enjoy part 1 today and then check out parts 2 and 3 later this week.

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