CBD Medic : Pharmacist Review

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Today I review the CBD Medic (Active Sport Pain Relief Ointment). CBD is very hot button topic nowadays. It’s being touted as a cure all for almost anything you suffer from and talk like that is what worries health professionals. NOTHING is a cure all! So we discuss the pros and cons of CBD, what to watch out for and how to temper your expectations. We want to save you money and be educated before you begin buying these kinds of products.

Overall I was quite surprised how well this works BUT I don’t know if it’s the CBD or the Methol 15% and Camphor 10% that was the result of my relief. I’m a runner so my knees get achy after a long run so I was using this ointment on my knees in the evening after a run. I was taking an Aleve to help with the discomfort but I found I didn’t need it while using this ointment.

Conclusion? I don’t know where I stand on CBD but this product was effective. My next step is to try a product that has the same ingredients minus the CBD and see if there’s a difference! I’ll make another video after a few weeks of experimenting!

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