CBD Oil For Anxiety | Does CBD Oil REALLY Work For Anxiety? THE TRUTH!

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I’ll answer the question does CBD oil actually work for anxiety.
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Today’s video title is: CBD Oil For Anxiety | Does CBD Oil REALLY Work For Anxiety? THE TRUTH!

So Does CBD oil really work for anxiety?

Well, let’s take a short look. There are a lot of studies made on CBD oil and its benefits and a few of them have also been done in order to answer the question “Does cbd help anxiety”. One study made in 2011 examined how cbd oil affect people with social anxiety disorder when they have to make a stressful speech. I talk more about the results in the video, but if you want to dive a bit deeper into that study, here is a link:

Link to CBD and social anxiety study:


Does cbd actually work for anxiety? Well, another study was made where they scanned the brains of the test subject and it clearly showed that one way CBD oil work for anxiety is by altering the way the blood flows in the areas responsible for anxiety. This is interesting indeed and it is one explanation to why people who use CBD oil for anxiety often say that they have a changed perception on stressful and fearful situations. Again, I talk more about this in the video. So does CBD help with panic attacks and anxiety? Well, to make a long answer short: yes it does, but not for everyone. We are all differently to everything in life.

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-Scandinavian Bob-.

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