CBDa for Pain and Inflammation CBDa for Pain Dallas CBDa Near Me

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CBDa for Pain Dallas TX ⭐ CBDa Near Me ⭐ Buy CBDa Near Me
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Are you looking for a natural way to reduce pain, chronic inflammation and conditions that result from it such as sleep problems or too much stress and anxiety?

Check out our new and exciting Moon Harvest products that use our exclusive patented CBDa technology!

And as we all know, both the use of prescription drugs, like opioids and long-term use of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs such ibuprofen and aspirin can have many unwanted side effects.

What if there was a natural compound that works in the body the same way as (NSAID)pain pills like aspirin work to reduce or eliminate pain, but without any side effects?

Well, here’s the good news! A new technology was recently developed to produce a stable and 100% natural anti-inflammatory compound called CBDa.

New research shows CBDa stops the activity of Cox-2 enzymes in the body in the exact same way as some pain pills do but without any side effects. Now, CBDa is not the same as CBD and it works very differently in the human body and has been found to be up to 100 times more effective for inflammation than CBD oil.

What is CBDa? Although you’ve probably never heard of CBDA, it’s not new. It’s always been there in fresh raw hemp and cannabis plants.

The problem is that CBDA is very unstable.The A in CBDA stands for specific types of acids that are lost during the extraction process that creates CBD.

Although CBD is a well-known compound with many health benefits, you may be surprised to learn hemp plants don’t directly make CBD. Hemp plants only contain the acid form of CBD, which is called CBDA, (cannabidiolic acid).

But these acids are lost during the process of extracting the CBD from the hemp plant. They’re also lost from exposure to oxygen. In order to unlock the full potential of raw CBDA, a new technology had to be created. Recently a breakthrough technology was developed to extract CBDA from hemp plants while keeping intact all the naturally occurring acids found in the hemp plant.

First, the CBDA is extracted from the hemp plant using very low temperatures but then it must be stabilized to preserve all the acid compounds that are normally lost to the exposure of oxygen.

This is why a new technology was needed to create a stable, full-spectrum CBDA oil. This patented process is a unique technology that stabilizes all the hemp plant CBD acids using a combination of food grade coconut oil, fermentation, bioreactor heating and cooling, condensation and oxygenation.

This results in a highly therapeutic CBDA compound called Oxyoil, which is the main ingredient in all our Moon Harvest CBDA products.

Here’s what a leading cannabis researcher and medical doctor says about CBDA… “I do expect CBD users to find products containing CBDA much more potent, and some to find switching to CBDA altogether more effective for relieving their symptoms and promoting health.”

“There is also some evidence based on animal models that CBDA is stronger and more potent than CBD, not just because it’s getting absorbed better but because it’s acting more powerfully.” Dr. Dustin Sulak

In summary, Moon Harvest products with Oxyoil are new and exciting, full-spectrum super-potent CBDA products that are up to 1000 times more bio-active than regular CBD oils and come in variety of products and delivery systems, such as edibles like gummy bears and lemon drops, or CBDA sleep aid syrups, as well as traditional tinctures and topical pain relief creams.

And most importantly, our customers love CBDa Moon Harvest products because they get great results!

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