Charles Urquhart, . Psychedelics & Cannabinoid Therapeutics: What Does the Future Hold?

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CBD Expo SOUTH 2020, December 11 – 12, 2020, Houston
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Psychedelics & Cannabinoid Therapeutics: What Does the Future Hold?

Charles Urquhart, Expert in .
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Alongside the CBD boom, the functional Mushroom market has experienced a
profound amount of growth with certain estimates putting market growth
upwards of $35 Billion. Similarly situated to cannabis treatments as both
controversial and poorly understood, there remains tremendous potential on
the horizon for mycelia like Cordycepin and Psilocybin. As consumers look
to herbal treatments for an assortment of ailments and quality of life
improves the future of hemp products and mushrooms while regulations take
shape the question remains whether or not there is a future for CBD and

Table of contents
00:00:20 Psychedelics and cannabinoids
00:05:00 Cannabis activist
00:09:30 Trend of the market
00:13:40 Psilocybin therapeutics
00:17:50 Panacea
00:22:50 Plant medicine to psychedelics
00:27:00 Pharmaceutical industry
00:32:30 Reaching homeostasis
00:37:30 Proper dosage
00:42:15 Mystical experience
00:46:45 Major depressive disorder
00:50:30 Connection with the autistic world
00:55:00 Getting involved in activism

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