CHS diagnoses log #1 (Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome)

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Hey guys, sorry if you find this video to be a little scattered or redundant. I’m not normally the type to VLOG but I really feel like this is a subject that desperately needs awareness to be spread. I recorded this video about 56 hours into my marijuana withdrawals so my mind is a little all over the place. I will try to upload daily to keep you up to date on my journey to recovery and hope that it can help anyone else out there that’s suffering from this strange sickness. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is an entire community of CHS sufferers supporting each other. Share your experiences, share your coping mechanisms, share your thoughts and opinions. Not much information is readily available on this topic at the moment so we need to be able to lean on each other and learn from individual cases. This is my introduction and story of my personal experience and so I don’t plan on uploading videos that are any longer than 15 minutes after this. Hope you all find recovery quickly and feel free to ask me any questions you have. Leave your opinions and correct any misinformation you find. Keep fighting and we will make it through this together.

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