Demetrix Inc CEO on Potential of Cannabinoid Biosynthesis and Series A Financing

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Demetrix Inc is a biosynthesis company producing rare, natural ingredients via fermentation. CEO Jeff Ubersax states that the company’s goal is to produce rare ingredients at a higher purity and consistency than traditional sources for use in consumer packaged goods in the pharmaceutical, health supplements, and cosmetics spaces. Ubersax reveals that the first ingredients Demetrix is planning to bring to market are cannabinoid-based. He credits the company’s seed financing round, in which Demetrix raised approximately $11 million, with allowing the company to put together an experienced team. He suggests that new technology, both on the plant side as well as the microbe side, will bring the cost of goods down; however, he believes that fermentation-derived products will be the most cost effective way to produce the rarest cannabinoids. Demetrix is in the midst of Series A financing and hopes to close this capital raise within the next couple of months.


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