Easy Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

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It may seem silly to do a video about a smoothie, however… I couldn’t possibly make a full series dedicated to easy vegan meals and NOT include a smoothie! If you’re looking for an easy way to include more whole foods and raw plants into your diet… look no further. Happy blending, plant people!

Link to Blog Post: https://thiswildolive.com/easy-vegan-breakfast-smoothie/

Link to Easy Vegan PDF Guide: Will be available after the 21 week series is over.

Easy Vegan is a 21 part series, where I cover Easy Vegan ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner – at the end of the series, there will be a week’s worth of recipes from morning to night. These aren’t recipes with exact measurements, they’re just concepts that will walk you through the basic steps and hopefully inspire you to use what you have and get creative, no matter where you are plant-based path.

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