Evaluating Cannabinoid Based Therapies

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Join Mandi Kerr and Codi Peterson, Pharmacist on Friday morning’s episode of Moving ^HEMP Forward.

With nearly a decade of pediatric hospital pharmacy experience, Codi’s perspective is of great value when evaluating cannabinoid-based therapies. Often forced to make clinical decisions with limited pediatric data, the skills he has garnered as a pediatric pharmacist have positioned him well to enter the field of medical cannabis. Beyond his Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Codi is now pursuing his MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the University Of Maryland School Of Pharmacy.

In addition to practicing pharmacy and going to school, Codi also teaches paramedics and respiratory therapists about general pharmacology. Codi is a content contributor for multiple publications, a consultant to cannabis companies, and is a cannabis-science social media influencer. Additionally, Codi serves as a scientific advisor for The Cannigma—a science-forward cannabis media company.

For this morning we’ll talk about:
1.Delta -8
2. HHC
3. THC-acetate
4. Legality of isomers


0:00 Introduction
10:45 Surplus of CBD in 2018
18:38 THC
27:55 Cannabis Coaching
30:51 Types of Cannabis
35:52 Genetic Variations
41:29 Flowering Cycle
46:27 Brand Restrictions
59:14 Smoking Vitamins
1:00:38 End of Meeting

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