How does marijuana affect your brain?

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Marijuana is getting more and more popular every year. Public sentiment is shifting and states across the U.S. have begun legalizing pot for medical and recreational use. But what does marijuana do to your brain? How does weed work in your body? What are the possible risks and benefits of marijuana use? In this episode of Neuro Transmissions, Alie Astrocyte explains what we understand about the effects of cannabis – and what we still have yet to figure out. We’ll describe the endocannabinoid system, what causes the difference between sativa and indica strains, side effects, and what your brain on drugs really looks like.

Big thanks to all of the people at the start who contributed different slang words for cannabis. I was surprised by some common ones missing though, like bud, hash, reefer, dope, skunk, chronic…to name a few. Got some more? Leave ‘em in the comments below!

For more information on how harsh punishments for drug crimes has disproportionately affected certain groups of US Citizens, check out this link:


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