Purple Coneflower – Echinacea purpurea – Cannabinoids: CB1 & CB2

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Reference Guides to Foraging are extremely valuable. But…which one is best? For plants in the Ozarks. The Gnome uses the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of East/Central North America by Foster & Duke. – Also has many tree references in it as well. Because trees are a four season resource and are valuable to foraging for fungi, and food resources in wintertime.

– About the Plant –
Purple Coneflower –
Echinacea purpurea –
Cannabinoids – CB1 & CB2

The Peterson Field guide that I am using in this video can be purchased at: Barnes and Noble for 20.00 dollars.
…Or you can check it out, at your local regional Library, if it’s available.

At this time, I have “No”… knowledge of an Online, Pdf, or Android / Applehead App…of this guide.

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– Video Production Notes –
Video: Filmed with Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone – Model SM-S765C (GP) – 480p
Notes for improvement: When shooting 480p. up close use macro setting on auto focus.
After uploading, to youtube you can combine segments, and edit with auto fix, and increase color to .5
under enhancements.
Limit segment to 15 minutes.
Even if you have ability to post longer footage. It takes forever, uses too much power and you could be doing something better,
then sitting around waiting on uploads and edits..

– Story-time –
How I got the camera/phone:
The phone, I found on the side of the road…it had videos of a woman’s breast and pee pee, money shots of her boyfriend or something, doing something with what looked like genitalia of a dark, brown man…about 20 yrs old or so…..with a foreign accent. Nigerian Probably.

Upon discovery of the pornographic video…. I dropped it and went Oh! Gross!…then immediately sterilized the entire phone. Thrice and then some. Then I reset the phone, formatted the card…..and even used magnets to entirely erase the weirdness that was recorded on the footage of the video, that was stored on the SD Card –

I kept the phone: the camera and the WiFi action, of the phone is good, rather small, and useful….for something more profitable in my opinion.

The phone had a camera with a 16gb. Sony SDcard in it…..which I gladly use the high quality card. Thanks!
A good name SDCard like Sony… takes better video…. and has more room. This is in 480p. Which is cool for these type of videos. On the go, less battery usage, and upload/download time. Easy to charge.

Thanks for your time…and dont forget to subscribe, leave a comment, and share!
The birds, bees, flowers…gnomes and trees…thank you.

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