Shari Campbell, Kaycha Labs. The Cutting Edge Of Cannabinoid Science

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CBD Expo Tour EAST 2019, November 14 – 16, 2019, Orlando
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The Cutting Edge Of Cannabinoid Science

Shari Campbell, Lead Chemist in Kaycha Labs. I am an analytical chemist at Kaycha Labs in South Fl. I’ve worked in various industries from manufacturing, pharmaceutical, academia, and now the CBD/Cannabis industry. My degree is from Florida State University in both Biochemistry and Musical performance. My current role is to ensure products the are being consumed or inhaled in the market have proof of efficacy and are safe from various contaminants; in addition to running an internship program. I, in part, help to lead a team of chemists and create methods to produce quality, reproducible, and reputable results.
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Science has transformed the world of cannabinoids. CBD was once a
relatively obscure, banned substance. But scientific research landed this
compound in the hands of physicians, engineers, lawmakers, and consumers.
In fact, research fuels innovation. Designers rely on emerging scientific
evidence to develop cannabinoid products that meet the needs of an evolving
market. Where is the science of CBD today? The past year’s breakthroughs in
CBD research include medication interactions, epilepsy, neuroscience,
dermatological applications, mental health disorders, addiction/relapse,
and biochemistry. This council of established scientists will push your
company to the cutting edge of chemical/medical advancement in the field.
Critics often point out that CBD claims are ahead of the science. But
knowledge is power.

Table of contents
00:01:00 Introduction
00:06:10 Laboratory
00:09:00 Efficacy
00:13:50 Bioavailability
00:23:00 it’s not only about the product
00:30:12 Regulation
00:37:05 Lack of understanding of the process

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