SpIdermonkey- Hemp tea, Hemp beer, and CBD cures diabetes

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This video is about Spidermonkey- Hemp tea, Hemp beer, and CBD cures diabetes
lyrics-a peaceful freedom to fight for through peace
a word accelerator of respected natures
the accolade of a robust time capsule theorist
one two and three ninety nine jenny is freaking fine
i like her she’s sexy as can be, but some of them are related to me
no homo, no incest, so just be the best and find a respectful peace
clearly we are the most of what we aren’t and we are the least of what we are, that’s the meat eating theory, but if we all avoid eating animal human and alien flesh, we could all be the best
so to the test, be virtuous and find a respectfully peaceful rest,
one without death, but if we die, let’s hope it’s the virtuous type
self improvement is the virtuous death
justin timberlake and t.i sang of these dialogs
the old me is dead and gone, that’s how the lyrics go, and alanis morisette
but we’re still alive, so the old me became someone new,
new and improved
a holy ghostly like dude
seven steven’s i’ve been a dyer dialog to greet my match
equality and logic the courses through peaceful colleagues
there is a great dawn that is great through the respects of joy
a joyous god, the god of joy, so not to pretend awkwardly
but to be the theme of sovernty
ambitious look alike i like your continent
heat the light of energy a themestrist and the consistent brother lee
egypt pharoes a trust to the other realms of outer pond like dinero’s
cbd a great and awesome analog to achieving cures and thinking dutiful things, the copper gone and the other interests swerving like pink cheerios
pucker up, raw hemp non gmo total chlorine free vegan papers, i prefer to identify it as papyrus, because paper might sound like raper or something not to tasteful to the mind’s apprehensive layers
rap artist, the arnold palmer was par to the john mayors
a simpler scissors if chucky wasn’t such a hitler
see i told you nigga, medicine don’t match that weed, thank god for CBD! mental triggers, the cure is definitely not the middle finger
but without it, toilet paper would have to be much thinner
perverse allegations, the whither pod and the mother of all that’s all the way away from sinners, two albino crocodiles urging the earthing’s to teach them vegetarianism for beginners
if my father truly was gay, i wouldn’t be here today
and i wouldn’t have anything to say
words floating into outer space
if i said my before words that would be some what arrogant
he said it wasn’t but he gave advice to be arrogant
a thought was just erased, or blocked
turquoise poodles and a nature supplied by it’s segment of sensory parent hood, the parrots parked their vehicles and drank a glass of wine
i said hi, she went over to the bar and brought back a beer with a slice of orange, hemp beer, and hemp tea, cures diabetes
so does HEMP CBD,
if you’d like an autograph i’ll tell you a secret on how to avoid or cure any std
if the condom prevent’s impreganation i’ll say your a son of a cunning lyguist, rhymes spelling it out with such mindful interests

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