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There is a balance in this life. We have always known that our part of that balance is to care for our Earth in a conscious, considerate and nurturing way. We believe that all life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our plants and soils. Soil Balance Pro is a tool which helps growers cultivate within the art of regeneration. Its mode of action exemplifies our own interdependence with one another as the species born to give.

If you are new to the concept of plant probiotics you have found the right place. If your search is to help improve our environment, our soil, and the quality of our food, we are here to serve you! Soil Balance Pro probiotics have been developed to possess true industry staying power and give our growers fast and real results, naturally. While also assisting our clients in redefining quality standards like never before. Soil Balance Pro is a breakthrough, 100% organic technology and has been meticulously formulated, thoroughly tested, and refined for over 20 years to address the industries most pressing issues.

Soil Balance Pro is a highly concentrated microbe tea designed to colonize the roots of your plants and push them to achieve their maximum genetic expression. At Kind Roots we create products that exemplify our deep compassion for mother Earth, and Soil Balance Pro is our catalyst for change. We believe in a world with clean water, clean air, healthy people, and nutrient dense foods. The time for Balance is NOW!

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