The Future of CBD: What’s Coming and What to Expect | Josh Garellek, Arctic Leaf

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Take a moment to relax and learn about the CBD market from industry expert Josh Garellek. Whether you’re an established brand or a curious entrepreneur, tapping into a new market can be exciting — and a little overwhelming.

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Josh Garellek is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arctic Leaf — a UX certified digital agency that specializes in user experience design for custom e-commerce websites and complex web applications. Josh is an entrepreneur with expertise in marketing strategy, product development, mobile apps, ecommerce, and CBD selling.

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In Josh’s Day 2 Make it Big 2020 session, he dives into the ever growing CBD market: both the current landscape and its future: what’s coming and what to expect. In a world where more and more consumers are looking at CBD products, Josh will discuss their health benefits, how the overall market is evolving, and how your ecommerce brand can take advantage of this booming sector; Josh will share the statistics of how much this market has grown and how it will continue to grow over the years, the rules and regulations for its consumption, how to effectively sell CBD to new and existing customer and more. Here are a couple of key takeaways from his session —

– You must get creative with your CBD marketing strategy: Selling CBD comes with many regulations (which are changing all the time), and one of them is how you market your product on social media. More specifically, you cannot run paid advertising on CBD products on channels like Facebook and Instagram. In turn, word-of-mouth marketing and influencer marketing are two key strategies to getting the word out about your product.

– Always educate your customers about your product: Many of your customers may be purchasing CBD for the first time, while others may be CBD veterans. Either way, every product is made differently, so it’s essential to educate your customers on how your product works and how it’s made. What can they expect from your brand? Consider adding this level of detail to our product pages and email marketing.

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