The Joy Organics Founding Story | Creating a CBD Company

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Gerrid, Chief Marketing Officer of Joy Organics, first introduced CBD to his mother after a devastating series of drawbacks in his business. A burnout, so to speak. He was having his third son, and he was searching for a new product, a new company, to start in order to support his family. Little did he know that family was exactly the glue that would hold the company, Joy Organics, together.

His wife suggested to him that he should go visit his parents in Florida, so he did. He introduced the concept of CBD to his mother, Joy Smith, who is now the Chief Executive Officer of Joy Organics. When he went to visit his parents, the main goal was to take a load off and have some fun. However, as he started having deep conversations with his mother, he realized she was in a lot of pain and struggling with sleep difficulties and hormonal changes. That’s how the subject of CBD came up. His mother was incredibly open to trying new things, and CBD happened to be that saving grace.

When Gerrid heard about CBD from his father in law, the results seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t until he saw the positive changes in his mother that the truth really came to light. So, Gerrid dove right in and researched the products, the business, and just about everything that went into CBD. He worked just as hard to convince his dad to work with him. He wanted the opportunity to bond with his dad and start the business together. At first, his father didn’t want anything to do with it, but as we can see today, through hard work and dedication, he and his father are running a great business together and doing so much good through the CBD market. Together, they built Joy Organics from the ground up, and they are now one of the leading CBD suppliers in America today.

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