Wake & Bake America 801: Solventless Extracts, The Cannabis Community,

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The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Waking And Baking And Talking About Solventless Extracts And What Makes Rosin Unique In The World Of Extracts, How The War On Drugs Brainwashed Everyone About Cannabis And It Is Only Now Being Considered Part Of The Mainstream, Meeting Up With Bee-Nails & Mammoth & The Noco Cannabis Meetup, & How The FDA Could Hand Big Pharma A Monopoly On The CBD Industry By No Allowing It To Be Sold As A Supplement Anymore & More On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America.

-8oz https://goo.gl/PCrSWH
-16oz https://goo.gl/MlurOH
-5lb https://goo.gl/oLNNeA

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