What Is HHC? Hexahydrocannabinol Effects, Legality, and Description

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Hexahydrocannabinol or HHC is the latest thing to hit the market, and I must be blunt, this is going to be something that will take a considerable amount of research that can only be obtained with more time and study, as with many cannabinoids.

We answer such questions as:

Is HHC Synthetic or is it Naturally occurring? The answer is it is both. It is naturally occurring in nature, however, it is not abundant through commonly described extraction methods that involve pollen, which in turn, means that there is some synthetic goings-on that makes it a semi-synthetic cannabinoid.

This is not exactly very different in the regard of how THC-O is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. The primary difference being within the process and cannabinoids themselves, but in the general sense the share a similar standing with regard to being a semi-synthetic cannabinoid.

This answer has a lot more too it than I am readily able to prepare in common tongue, however, to keep it simple, we will simply say that HHC and THC-O are in similar boats when it comes to being a semi-synthetic when not looking to differentiate between their actual structure or step-by-step processes..

Will HHC Get you high?
Most people will get high from this cannabinoid, it is roughly 80% as strong as Delta 9 THC.

Is HHC Legal?
It is federally legal at this time, however, it is a new cannabinoid that may trigger some states to create laws regarding it’s sale and use. Keep your eye on the news.

Is HHC safe?
There are not a lot of studies regarding the safety of HHC, however, there is no research that suggests that it is dangerous. With time more studies will come. This cannabinoid is remarkably similar in structure to Delta 9 THC.

What are the effects of HHC?
You may find the following effects to be present within yourself 20 to 30 minutes after consumption:
– Relaxed
– Sedated
– Hungry
– Sleepy
– Couch Lock
– Dry mouth
– Dry eyes
– Body Buzz
– Deep Head Buzz

I hope you guys find this video helpful, and look forward to your comments!

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