FAIL TO SUCCEED Female Fitness Motivation 2021

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Hey guys! In this video, I share with you 5 easy high protein fruit smoothie recipes, and each uses just 5 ingredients or less! Protein smoothies are my GO-TO for eating healthy, and losing weight, and I enjoy each of these ALL the time! ALSO … GUYSS!!! We hit 100k subscribers last night and we…

How We Test Cannabinoid Potency – Phase 2 CBD Quality Control Lab

Meet Dave. He is Phase 2 Extraction’s Quality Control scientist, and the head of R&D. Having a QC lab is very helpful because we can produce same day test results to ensure quality through the production process from biomass to CBD oils and isolate. We have the tools to test the potency at each points […]

Thailand’s Cannabis Revolution

For decades, Thailand was at the forefront of the war on drugs. Known for flooding the world with drugs from the Golden Triangle, Thailand’s laws became so tough, the country now tops the list in Asia for the rate of incarceration. But recently, the military-led government shocked the world by announcing plans to legalise medical…

RT. Cannabinoid Type 2 Receptors Mediate a Cell Type-Specific Plasticity in the Hippocampus

ARTICLE Authors: A. Vanessa Stempel, Alexander Stumpf, Hai-Ying Zhang, Tuğba Özdoğan, Ulrike Pannasch, Anne-Kathrin Theis, David-Marian Otte, Alexandra Wojtalla, Ildikó Rácz, Alexey Ponomarenko, Zheng-Xiong Xi, Andreas Zimmer, Dietmar Schmitz. Published: May 18, 2016 / NEURON – Cell Press Check out the paper at RESEARCH TRAILER Production Company: In Motion Science / 2016 View […]