Cannabinoids in the ED | EM & Acute Care Course

Cannabinoids in the ED by Jim Ducharme, MD Join us for the live course or purchase the home-study course at A Focused, Evidence-Based Course Designed to Significantly Advance Your Practice of Emergency Medicine. Using the Emergency Medical Abstracts database of over 17,000 abstracts, our award-winning faculty presents 28 30-minute lectures, along with four 90-minute […]

How Cannabinoids Cause Cancer Cells to Die

This is an edited interview of Dennis Hill and Ava Marie from her Spiral Up show. This video was created to demonstrate a possible edit of the footage. Dennis Hill is a Biochemist and is a cancer surviver. Dennis’s cancer was not treated with any of the established treatments (i.e. chemo or radiation). He treated […]

Big meep + Rosie Baddie #baddiebites “MEET & GREET” pickup

As a Foodie & a Baddie im obsessed w/ all things YUM!! Im previewing my new “BADDIE-BITES” Edibles line!!! * ️Rosie Baddie 3X NYC️ | “BADDIE-BITES” Edibles are Homemade Snacks/ food/Drinks infused with cannabinoids. Marijuana edibles can be brownies, cookies , pasta, and more. Any recipe that calls for butter or oil can be readily […]

Multiple Bad Cannabis Trips – Help, FAQ – Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – CHS

What can cause multiple bad Cannabis Trips? How can you avoid these side-effects of anxiety, stomach aches, head aches, dizzyness…whatever’s happening repeatedly. Today I tackle these questions. Smoking while depressed, anxious or very busy can cause a bad trip. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (also known as Cannabis Hyperemesis Sydnrome) can cause it too. Being sick with […]