What is cbd – A non-psychoactive cannabinoid

What is cbd is simply a question that wraps answer-CBD is one of the main cannabinoids which makes an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory effects without lethargy. http://cbdhempsource.net/ View original source video by clicking here

What is a Cannabinoid? | Hemp Vernacular

Hemp Vernacular A cannabinoid is a class of chemicals that contains over 200 known unique substances found in the Cannabis plant, in the brain of all animals, or synthesized in a lab. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids with different properties. WhatCannaDo is on a mission to Accelerate the Adoption of Hemp as a Key […]

what we know about CBD to treat cPTSD?

so often I am asked is THC, CBD, marijuana or pot beneficial to people with cPTSD…. so I did some research about this, to find out what do we actually know about this at the moment… https://www.tanjawindegger.com/p/life_after_trauma ***join our closed FB group*** https://www.facebook.com/groups/124457354918524/ https://www.facebook.com/livingwithcomplexPTSD/ https://au.pinterest.com/complexptsdandt/pins/ Tweets by PTSD_complex https://www.instagram.com/tanjawindegger/ View original source video by clicking […]

Cannabis Light: High CBD, Low THC. A New Hype? | Cannabis News Network

Cannabis Light is the latest cannabis hype coming out of Europe, where several countries have loopholes allowing the growth and sale of cannabis containing low THC (usually less than 1%) and high CBD levels. It’s already big business. The loopholes were only discovered a couple years ago. Switzerland was the first country in 2016 to […]