HD RELAXING MUSIC FOR DOGS: Music for Dog Relaxation, Sleep,

Doggy Daycare is an original composition. RELAXING MUSIC FOR DOGS: Anti Anxiety Music for Dogs Youtube, Music for Dog Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, Insomnia and Trauma Doggy Daycare is also: ideal for relaxation, yoga, pilates, meditation, chilling, study help, Zen, Thai Chi, Background Music, Morning Music, Late Night Music, Musiqaa Alaistirkha, Musica de Relajación, Musik […]

Tarantula BREEDING FAIL (rookie mistake) Updates, Pet CBD!

In this video we briefly talk about my dog’s seizures and CBD, feed a few tarantulas that molted, rehouse an Aphonopelma, preserve a deceased MM and experience a huge G pulchripes breeding FAIL! Calm by Wellness: https://www.calmbywellness.co/?ref=298 Use code Tarantulakat10 for 10 percent off your order. (this is an affiliate link) Update: It looks like […]

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

UPDATE: Canine Support Formula is now available — https://shop.k9-medibles.com/ [SHOP NOW] DOSE FORMULA: Weight of Dog (kg’s) X 0.25 (starting dose) … source