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Zach Zerr is the Creative Director at Bloom Hemp. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Bloom Hemp is an independently owned and operated Hemp and CBD supplier committed to building a community that wants to change the world. To do this, we believe in using hemp not only as an alternative medicine but as everything from a healthier food source to the fabric that makes up your clothes.

Show Notes

Zach is the creative director at Bloom Hemp. Back on for his 2nd appearance on the CBD School Podcast, he tells us the latest from what’s going on in the labs and fields at Bloom Hemp including the development of new CBN and CBG products.


  • Bloom Hemp’s Mission and Goals
  • New Hemp Butter Product
  • From Soil to Sale, All Organic
  • From Colorado to East Asia and Back Again
  • Let’s Talk About Bloom Hemp’s CBN Product
  • Cooking with Isolates
  • CBG – The Mother of all Cannabinoids
  • Full-Spectrum Products
  • What’s Next for Bloom Hemp?
  • CBD, CBN or CBG Isolate

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Vadim Fedorovsky, Host, CBD School Podcast
Zach Zerr, Creative Director, Bloom Hemp

Podcast Transcript

Table of Contents [show]


Zach  00:01

Our goal is we want to empower our community to live happier, healthier lives through all things hemp. And so our community is really everybody that’s like-minded and interested in bettering themselves. It’s anyone around the world that’s willing to use hemp and go a different direction than the traditional, whether that’s over the counter medicine or otherwise.

Vadim  00:31

All right. And we are back in class. This is Vadim, the CBD professor from Your school to learn all about cannabidiol. Hey, everyone, on this episode of the CBD School Podcast, we’ve got Zach on again for a second time, and he is the creative director from Bloom Hemp. I think you’re going to enjoy this episode. Before we get into it, I want to remind you that Bloom Hemp is the sponsor for this episode. And their mission is to enrich the lives of their community through all things hemp. You can check them out over at It’s That’s I’ll leave that in the show notes. And you can grab 20% off of any of their products using the coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 over at They’ve got some great unique isolate products that I’ve never seen anywhere else. They have CBG isolate and CBN isolate. CBN is really good for sleep and definitely check out their products. They’ve got more than just isolates but that is really unique. I’ve never seen anybody have CBG and CBN isolate. They also have CBD isolate as well as full-spectrum CBD products and even hemp butter, which is a replacement for peanut butter and it is a great tasting way to get a lot of protein. So make sure to check them out over at and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for 20% off. Enjoy the show.

On today’s episode of the podcast, I have Zach on who is actually coming on for his second time. And he is the creative director at Bloom Hemp. So we are going to get all into their brand and what’s been going on with them. So Zach, welcome to the show.

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