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Dr. Tiffany Weir is an Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University. Her research focuses on understanding the role of microbes in ecosystem functioning, ranging from soils to processed food products to the human gut. Dr. Weir currently conduct studies examining how fermentation of plant foods affects composition and bioavailability of phytochemicals beneficial for human health. Focus plants include rice bran and fermented Chinese tea, both of which have been used traditionally as medicines in Asian cultures and have shown activity in a number of chronic and infectious disease models. Another area of study is how dietary phytochemicals affect the composition of gut microbes. She was recently involved in a study with Caliper CBD on the bioavailability of CBD in water-soluble vs oil-soluble forms.

Show Notes

Dr. Tiffany Weir was part of a team of researchers at Colorado State University who recently conducted a groundbreaking study on the bioavailability and absorption rates of CBD in water and oil-soluble forms. We discuss the results of the study, and its implications for further research into CBD’s potential to positively impact the human gut microbiome and reduce symptoms of inflammatory gut diseases.


  • Phytochemical and plant-based medicines
  • Impact on absorption of water-soluble vs oil-soluble forms
  • Potential impacts of research results
  • CBD’s initial promise as a anti-inflammatory

Links of Interest

Connect with Dr. Tiffany Weir on ResearchGate
Dr. Tiffany Weir’s Bio Page at Colorado State University
The Caliper CBD pilot study: Evaluation of Pharmacokinetics and Acute Anti‐Inflammatory Potential of Two Oral Cannabidiol Preparations in Healthy Adults
Summary of Caliper CBD Bioavailability Study

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Vadim Fedorovsky, Host, CBD School Podcast
Tiffany Weir, Associate Professor, Colorado State University

Podcast Transcript

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Vadim  00:10

All right. And we are back in class. This is Vadim, the CBD professor from Your school to learn all about cannabidiol. On today’s episode of the CBD School Podcast, get ready to learn a lot because I’m here with Tiffany Weir, who is an associate professor at Colorado State University and her specialty is in food science and human nutrition and we’re going to be getting all into how that relates to CBD. But the main goal of her research is to understand the role of microbes in ecosystem functioning and with ecosystems ranging from soil to processed food products to the human gut. So let’s talk about there, especially with the cannabinoid receptors that are in the human gut. So Tiffany, welcome to the show.

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