5 Beginner Tips for Finding the Best Vape Kit

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Choosing a suitable vape kit can be quite a laborious process, even for seasoned vapers. The most challenging part of the process is usually striking a balance between functionality and affordability. You want a vape device that will serve your vaping needs for a maximum duration without replacing it. In the same breath, you need a device that won’t blow a hole through your pockets. To get great bargains, it’s essential to know what you want in a vape device. In some situations, you may also need to follow your guts. The following are the five beginner tips for finding the best vape kit. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com 1.      Understand the Anatomy of a Vaporizer Table of Contents 1.      Understand the Anatomy of a Vaporizer        i.            Vape tank       ii.            Battery    iii.            Atomizer    iv.            Mouthpiece2.      Understand the Different Types of Vaporizers        i.            Cigalikes      ii.            Vape Pens    iii.            Pod Mods    iv.            Box Mods3.      Consider the Heating Mechanism4.      Consider the Material        i.            Vape tanks      ii.            Coils    iii.            Battery    iv.            Mouthpiece5.      Establish The Seller’s Reputation When looking for the best Vaporesso kit, you’ll come across numerous vaporizers and vape parts. It’s important to know the role of each vape attachment, especially if you’re looking for a replacement part. The following are the four major parts of a vaporizer, along with their individual functions;         i.            Vape tank A vape tank is the reservoir tank that holds your e-juice in place.       ii.            Battery A vape battery is a device that powers the vaporizer.     iii.            Atomizer This is basically the heating chamber. According to the design of most vaporizers, the atomizer is the part that holds the coils in place.     iv.            Mouthpiece Also known as the drip tip, this is the topmost end of a vaporizer. It’s the part that you suck into to draw heated vapor into your mouth. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com 2.      Understand the Different Types of Vaporizers Vape devices have undergone a tremendous revolution since the invention of the modern vaporizer by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. The following are the four major types of vaporizers according to design and functionality;         i.            Cigalikes Cigalikes are considered first-generation vaporizers. These devices resemble the traditional cigarette, hence the moniker. Their slender shape and design make them highly portable as they can easily fit into your back pocket. Most cigalikes are also single-use vaporizers that must be disposed of after every use.       ii.            Vape Pens Vape pens are slight modifications of cigalikes. These vape devices look like regular marker pens. They feature a small but powerful battery for better vapor production. Most vape pens also come with a refillable tank. So, you don’t have to dispose of them after every use.      iii.            Pod Mods Pod Mods guarantee a more intense vaping experience than cigalikes and vape pens. These vaporizers are excellent for both vapor and flavor production, making them ideal for seasoned vapers. Pod Mods feature a slew of cool features, including rebuildable atomizers, temperature control features, and variable voltage. Their small and sleek design makes them incredibly portable.     iv.            Box Mods As their name implies, Box Mods are boxy devices that can hold one large battery or several batteries at once. Their ability to use more powerful batteries makes box mods top-of-the-range as far as vaping devices are concerned. Box Mods also come with numerous safety features, including battery monitors, ohm monitors, puff counters, atomizer limits, and coil-type recognition. That explains why they’re the most expensive of all vaping devices. 3.      Consider the Heating Mechanism Vaporizers heat by either conduction or convection method. Conduction vaporizers heat your dry herbs or wax concentrates directly through a heated surface, while convection vaporizers heat the plant matter indirectly using a forced stream of hot air. Conduction vaporizers require more powerful batteries than convection vaporizers. However, convection vaporizers are better at carrying flavors. That’s due to their ability to ensure even heat distribution. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com 4.      Consider the Material The material a vape device is made of impacts its style, durability, and overall performance. As you shall find, there’s a material recommended for each vape part.         i.            Vape tanks Vape tanks should preferably be made of grade 1 titanium. Grade 1 is the purest form of titanium and is unlikely to mess up the taste of your e-juice.       ii.            Coils Vape coils usually come in a range of materials, ranging from stainless steel to nickel and Kanthal. Experts recommend Kanthal due to its heat-resistance properties. Steel, copper, and nickel may impart your vapor negatively by adding a metallic taste to it. As for the wicking material, cotton is your best bet. That’s due to its flavor-carrying abilities.     iii.            Battery When it comes to vape batteries, the focus should be on the capacity and not necessarily the material. The conventional wisdom is to balance between milliamp hours and discharge rate. Generally, higher milliamp hours translate to a lower discharge rate.     iv.            Mouthpiece A vape mouthpiece can be made of a number of materials, including plastic, rubber, glass, metal, ceramic, or wood. It would be best if you opted for glass or ceramic. That’s due to their poor heat conductivity and ease of cleaning. 5.      Establish The Seller’s Reputation One way to establish the reputation of a vape supplier is to inquire about the duration they’ve been in the industry. The longer the period, the more reputable the retailer is likely to be. You can also establish the credibility of a vape retailer by looking up reviews from their previous clients. Also, check whether the trader’s products, particularly their e-liquids, come with proof of lab testing from third-party laboratories. Affiliation with reputable vaping organizations is an added advantage. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com Despite how stylish and durable a vape device looks, it’s still prudent to choose something that fits your budget needs. You can do that by comparing the product’s price on price comparison websites to hone in on a high-quality yet affordable device. Reference Links: https://www.insider.com/history-of-vaping-who-invented-e-cigs-2019-10/ https://www.oberlo.com/blog/25-best-price-comparison-websites/ https://provape.com/blog/post/beginners-guide-to-choosing-the-best-vape-starter-kit/ https://www.misthub.com/blogs/vape-tutorials/76789893-tutorial-guide-to-selecting-the-right-vape-device/

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