Best Ways To Use Cannabis for Anxiety

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Both 2020 and 2021 have skyrocketed anxiety around the globe. To make sure that you can get on top of anxiety and actually move forward and focus, you may want to use cannabis. Because CBD, one of the compounds found in cannabis, has only been approved by the FDA for a few conditions, you are essentially self-medicating. Keep a journal to make sure your dosage is effective without being excessive. Why Does Cannabis Work For Anxiety? Table of Contents Why Does Cannabis Work For Anxiety?Methods of DosingTime Your UseUse Only the Best Cannabis works for anxiety in a couple of ways. If you’re only using CBD, this product plugs into cannabis receptors in your central nervous system and helps you to stop the anxious thoughts that get in your way of focusing and moving forward. If you prefer products with THC, you may enjoy the sense of euphoric disconnection or “high” to help you escape anxiety. Many users going for euphoria find that anxious thoughts are waiting for them when the effects of THC wear off. For those who use CBD before bed to help shut down anxious thoughts and fight insomnia, it can be difficult to find a daytime dose of CBD that doesn’t create drowsiness. To fight anxiety with CBD without needing a nap, consider microdosing with a vaping pen. Instead of the full dose of 20 to 25 puffs from a disposable vaping pen, take 2 puffs. Give it 5 minutes and if you need more help, take 2 more puffs. Methods of Dosing Cannabis can be taken in many ways. Your dosage method will impact how quickly the product gets into your bloodstream. For example, a sublingual dose of edible CBD oil will get into your bloodstream very quickly. If you want to use cannabis to help fall asleep, consider CBD oil under the tongue. You can smoke or vape cannabis, which will also get the product into your bloodstream quickly. For anxiety, you will get the best relief using high CBD strains. Indica cannabis plants tend to be more soothing and have more CBD; Sativa plants tend to be more energizing. For those fighting anxiety, and energizing cannabis products can quickly turn agitating. Topicals, often used for joint or nerve pain, enters the bloodstream more slowly than vaping or sublingual applications. While using a topical for anxiety isn’t ideal, you may notice a reduction in anxiety as your pain level goes down. Edible gummies are the slowest way to get the cannabis you need to reduce your anxiety. Because you’re self-medicating and are keeping a journal, you may consider stacking your cannabis dosages for long-term effectiveness. Time Your Use For example, before bed, you can eat an edible gummy 30 minutes before bed. put on your pajamas take a sublingual dose of CBD oil brush your teeth and go to bed The sublingual will enter your bloodstream quickly to help you calm your mind and get to sleep. The edible will kick in about two hours after you ingest it and help you stay asleep. You can also use both an edible CBD oil and a gummy as a microdose to help you get the benefits of cannabis without dealing with excess drowsiness. A dropper full of CBD oil will generally be about 25 mg. To microdose, put 10 mg in your morning coffee. Take 1/4 to 1/2 a gummy with your breakfast for longer anxiety protection. Use Only the Best When considering using a particular cannabis dispensary, carefully review their certificates. You want to be sure that the product has been organically grown and that the product packages all contain what is promised on the label. Third-party testing considerations are critical when choosing your cannabis delivery selection. The political considerations of cannabis can make buying from a local dispensary problematic. Find a dispensary that offers a guarantee of the purity and rely on their cannabis expertise to invest in the product that will work best for you. Cannabis strains like Laughing buddha dosing is extremely personal. One of the best bits of news about cannabis is that once you find a dose that helps you control your anxiety, you can settle in and get those results consistently. Track the product you use, your dosage method, and the quantity you use to make sure that you’re getting the very best results for your needs.

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