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Being healthy. Being happy. Being at peace. Every individual has a particular interpretation of what it means to live well—and at Cannabis Instead—we see that as a pretty commendable thing.

Whether you’re just beginning on your journey to a better you, or you need fuel to keep moving forward, Cannabis Instead is devoted to igniting your catalyst and encouraging your aspirations to live well. Shop our products with confidence. Attain your goals.


Shop Mood-Balancing, Organic, Non-GMO, Ultra-Purified Hemp Oil Tinctures


Shop Hemp Oil Capsules to Aid in Back Pain, Joint Pain, Mood Support, And insomnia support


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Shop Natural and Organic Creams Packed with various potent essential oils. Perfect for All Kinds of Discomfort

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Shop Calming Hemp Treats To Help Your Pets Maintain Calm Energy in Stressful Situations
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